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  • eLife


    Cutting jargon and putting research in context

  • Bill Markos

    Bill Markos

    Mathematician, AI researcher, maths blogger, musician and more to come...

  • Matthew Oldridge

    Matthew Oldridge

    Writing about creativity, books, productivity, education, particularly mathematics, music, and whatever else “catches my mind”. ~Thinking about things~

  • J.W. Bertolotti

    J.W. Bertolotti

    Founder at Perennial Leader Project | Host of In Search of Wisdom Podcast | Reflections on wisdom and life. Say hello: JW@perennialleader.com

  • elenapoems


    hey these poems aren't gonna write themselves (on twitter @elenaperez)

  • Josie P. Julius

    Josie P. Julius

    Josie lives in the desert. She keeps some kind of record.

  • Cobb Institute

    Cobb Institute

    The Cobb Institute promotes a process-relational worldview to advance wisdom, harmony, and the common good.

  • Zachary Burres

    Zachary Burres

    Obsessed with psychology, philosophy, and spirituality.

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