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  • Manisha Snoyer (www.modulo.app)

    Manisha Snoyer (www.modulo.app)

    Manisha is the co-founder of masteryhour.org, a non-profit providing free math tutoring to K12 students & Modulo.app, a new approach to childhood education.

  • Steve Driscoll

    Steve Driscoll

    PhD from Dalhousie University. Focused on algorithm development for exploratory data analysis. http://stvdrisc.me

  • Vishy


  • Eliana Lopez

    Eliana Lopez

    Boston-based software developer in the IoT & Robotics industry

  • Call me V

    Call me V

    I love reading and writing articles on a variety of topics and asking tough questions. Follow me if you enjoy my articles. Thank you!

  • Satoshi Higashino

    Satoshi Higashino

    Contact: https://bit.ly/30x6qQl

  • Matt Brems

    Matt Brems

    Data Scientist | Operator | Educator | Consultant

  • Michael Galarnyk

    Michael Galarnyk

    Data Scientist https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelgalarnyk/

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